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Chemical Products for Mechanical Workshop

Battery Terminal Protector in Spray 300 ml.

battery terminal protector in spray 300 ml

Terminal protector to protect terminals / battery terminals, forms an anti-ulfatant and protective paint film with cleaning effect.

It is a mineral-based calcium lithium grease that replaces petroleum jelly.
It forms a dry, durable, durable, flexible and non-conductive film. Pre
vents water and moisture from entering.

Great protective power
Our protective spray for electric battery terminals/ terminals withstands temperatures from -30oC to 85oCVery r
esistant to heat, water and caustic solutions, both acidic and alkaline. Excellent
water-repellent and anti-corrosion features that improve the flow of electrical. B
LUE color, contains sulfate.

Prevents voltage drops in electrical joints and current pitch resistance increased battery life

Use in Car, Car, Moto, Quad, VI, Coaches, Caravans, Machinery, Truck … after use with a battery charger, after replacement or terminals when connecting in 6v, 12v, 24v and 48v

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