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Chemical Products for Mechanical Workshop

Non-Slip Belt Spray 400ml.

non-slip belt spray 400ml

Eliminates squeaks in pulleys and straps of all kinds, alternator, stund, trapezoidal, car, lathe, boats, machinery, maintenance Industrial…

Product based on specific resins to prevent slipping of belts/pulleys, forms a viscoplastic film that does not dry and does not detach.

Resists high speeds and high stresses caused by sudden movements, does not cause deterioration in polyamide and FKM joints.

Restores the original power avoiding the power losses of belt driven mechanisms, does not produce corrosion on metal surfaces such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum or brass.

Prevents squeaks and prevents premature aging of the material, saves adjustment work due to temperature and humidity dilations.

Fast and effective action, does not harden or detach, compatible with a high variety of materials.

Application mode:

Shake before use, apply the product to the inner face of the strap passing the vaporizing nozzle at a short distance from the belt.

With the motor running apply the product for about 2 seconds.

Attention: In case of worn straps, the force exerted by them may lead to breakage.

In the automotive market in case the belt permanently checks the tension of the pulleys or change the belts.

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