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Chemical Products for Mechanical Workshop

Protective Anti-Gravel Paint Black Spray 500 ml.

Protective Anti-Gravel Paint Black Spray 500 ml.

High quality anti-gravel protector with high rubber content, anticorrosive coating, gravel protector.

High gripping power in all types of metals and galvanized and galvanized sheets, protects vehicle bass, wheel steps, etc…

It leaves an original finish surpassing even products of its category used with application guns specific to these products, speeding up working time and saving costs.

Easily sprayable with aerosol format, it is mainly used in basses of cars, vans, trucks … Shock turrets and wheel steps.

Extra fast drying, repaintable after complete healing, approximately 24h from its application, repaintable with any body enamel.

Resistant to salt water, salt, oils, acids, etc… depending on the application distance you can get a higher or lesser finishing roughness.

It remains fully elastic once cured.

How to Use:

Shake well before using, cleaning and degreasing the surface to be treated. For use in plastics it is recommended to pre-use adherent promoter for plastics.

Spray at a distance of between 15-20 cm. Apply one hand until it is completely surfaced.

Touch drying time approximately 10 minutes at 25Co. Once finished use invert the bottle and spray for 2-3 seconds for proper cleaning of the inner valve.

Also available in 1 liter bottle to apply with gun ( Anti gravel 1L )



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